Data Guard: attribute of element “FAST_START_FAILOVER” is undefined

Today a question came up on the Oracle list forum where the poster was complaining about the observer that start failing on an Oracle under linux (RHEL 5) 64 bit with protection mode set as “max_availability”, I will re-formulate my answer here via this article as far as someone might be interested in more formal answer with a little bit of details

So far the Data Guard configuration with Broker is working fine and even redo is shipping from primary and applied on standby database. Here is the status so far…

DGMGRL> show configuration verbose;
Configuration - aosb2_dg_config
  Protection Mode: MaxAvailability
    aosb2_wurlali - Primary database
      Warning: ORA-16819: fast-start failover observer not started
    aosb2_watt    - (*) Physical standby database
      Warning: ORA-16819: fast-start failover observer not started
  (*) Fast-Start Failover target
Fast-Start Failover: ENABLED
  Threshold:        600 seconds
  Target:           aosb2_watt
  Observer:         (none)
  Lag Limit:        30 seconds (not in use)
  Shutdown Primary: TRUE
  Auto-reinstate:   TRUE
Configuration Status: WARNING

Broker configuration status returned with a warning, because the Fast-start-failover observer has not been started on both primary and standby databases.  You can see below values of Threshold, FastStartFailoverTarget, Lag Limit configured as well.

DGMGRL> show database verbose AOSB2_wurlali;
Database - aosb2_wurlali
  Role:            PRIMARY
  Intended State:  TRANSPORT-ON
  Database Warning(s):
    ORA-16819: fast-start failover observer not started
    DGConnectIdentifier             = 'aosb2_wurlali'
    ObserverConnectIdentifier       = ''
    LogXptMode                      = 'SYNC'
    DelayMins                       = '0'
    Binding                         = 'optional'
    MaxFailure                      = '0'
    MaxConnections                  = '1'
    ReopenSecs                      = '300'
    NetTimeout                      = '30'
    RedoCompression                 = 'DISABLE'
    LogShipping                     = 'ON'
    PreferredApplyInstance          = ''
    ApplyInstanceTimeout            = '0'
    ApplyParallel                   = 'AUTO'
    StandbyFileManagement           = 'AUTO'
    ArchiveLagTarget                = '0'
    LogArchiveMaxProcesses          = '4'
    LogArchiveMinSucceedDest        = '1'
    DbFileNameConvert               = ''
    LogFileNameConvert              = ''
    FastStartFailoverTarget         = 'aosb2_watt'
    InconsistentProperties          = '(monitor)'
    InconsistentLogXptProps         = '(monitor)'
    SendQEntries                    = '(monitor)'
    LogXptStatus                    = '(monitor)'
    RecvQEntries                    = '(monitor)'
    ApplyLagThreshold               = '0'
    TransportLagThreshold           = '0'
    TransportDisconnectedThreshold  = '30'
    SidName                         = 'AOSB2'
    StaticConnectIdentifier         = '(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)('
    StandbyArchiveLocation          = '/u03/oradata/AOSB2/archiving/'
    AlternateLocation               = ''
    LogArchiveTrace                 = '0'
    LogArchiveFormat                = '%t_%s_%r.arc'
    TopWaitEvents                   = '(monitor)'
Database Status:     WARNING

Then started the observer from the different host and below are the errors as XML conversion failed..

DGMGRL> start observer;
Corrupted document
<FAST_START_FAILOVER  enabled="yes" MIV="1" OBID="944550964" threshold="600" obsv_recn="0" auto-reinstate="yes"><PRIMARY  name="aosb2_wurlali">aosb2_wurlali</PRIMARY><STANDBY  name="aosb2_watt">aosb2_watt</STANDBY></FAST_START_FAILOVER>
Error: LPX-00106: Warning: attribute "obsv_recn" of element "FAST_START_FAILOVER" is undefined
Error: ORA-16591: unknown field "obsv_recn" in document
Error: ORA-16593: XML conversion failed

sadUser verified the Borker logfile to check about a clue, I might find for this errors and log same as above.

11:59 AM $ tail -f dgmgrl.log
Error: LPX-00106: Warning: attribute "obsv_recn" of element "FAST_START_FAILOVER" is undefined
Error: ORA-16591: unknown field "obsv_recn" in document
Error: ORA-16593: XML conversion failed

User haven’t found enough useful information either from the metalink or even by google search to fix, As this issue is related to in Oct 2013) and may not be the listed bugs? Now enquired user with several questions and finally by the investigation came to know observer version is been used is $ dgmgrl sys/<password>H@AOSB2_wurlali
DGMGRL for Linux: Version - 64bit Production
Copyright (c) 2000, 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Welcome to DGMGRL, type "help" for information.

Of course connectivity goes well but it will not allow you to start observer, The observer(client kit) should be either same version or it can be higher version than the database(RDBMS), Moreover the client kit/observer can run in any platforms as well.  After notifying to user about the versions and compatibility, user able to start observer after the installation with

smile— Happy Reading–