1. Applying CPUOct2011 Patch on bit)
  2. RMAN Incremental Backups to Roll Forward a Physical Standby Database
  3. Metadata Filtering with EXLUDE & INCLUDE using EXPDP
  4. Applying CPUJan2012 Patch on bit)
  5. Implementation of GRID Em 11.1
  6. 11g Agent Deployment from GRID
  7. Drop User With ORA-26500
  8. UNNAMED file in standby after adding new file to primary
  9. How to Shrink Datafiles – Adjusting HWM
  10. Applying CPU Patch on DataGuard Physical Standby Configuration
  11. Advanced Table Compression with Oracle Database 11g for OLTP
  12. Estimate tablespaces usage before database refresh
  13. MRP0: Background Media Recovery terminated with error ORA-00600
  14. Unable to start Enterprise Manager – Fatal error with server.xml
  15. How to open standby in Read-Write mode with ArchiveLog GAP’s
  16. Bug With “enq: DX – contention” in wait class “Other”
  17. 12c Agent Deployment & Issues (Host Unable to Communicate with OMS)
  18. Misconception of Archive Log Sequences in Data Guard
  19. Oracle Client Silent installation and Issues
  20. I/O details of Data files Mount Point
  21. Instance crashed with ORA-600[15709] in
  22. ORA-16014: no available destinations On Standby
  23. ORACLE_HOME entry mismatch in OCR and Listener.ora failed to start Listener with TNS-01201
  24. Alert log timestamp different with system date in RAC
  25. Runcluvfy failed with “line 99: /tmp/bootstrap/ouibootstrap.log: Permission denied”
  26. Data Guard: attribute of element “FAST_START_FAILOVER” is undefined
  27. 12c: PDB may be Painful to CDB any cost
  28. Agent 11.1 Silent Uninstallation
  29. OTN Article: An Insight into Oracle Flex ASM and Its Benefits
  30. OTN Article: Oracle Database 12c: An introduction to the concepts of Backup, Recovery and Recovery to a point in time (PITR) of PDBs
  31. OTN Article: Migrating to the 12c version of the Oracle database without service interruption using Oracle Golden Gate 12c
  32. No free buffers available and MRP terminated
  33. Simple Database Upgrades with 12c: DBMS_ROLLING
  34. 12c: Careful with DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING in Data Guard
  35. Role Transitions with Oracle 12c Data Guard “As easy as pie”
  36. Oracle 12c Real-Time cascade standby database
  37. MGMT_VIEW user & changing password
  38. Changing password of common user whereas one PDB closed
  39. Users question in PDB & CDB
  40. After closing PDB, how common user works?
  41. 12c: Active Data Guard – DML on Temporary Tables.
  42. How to Apply OEM 12c4 PSU2 for OMS
  43. Flashback of PDB after common user is dropped
  44. Integration of BI Publisher with EM & Sample Reports