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Valuable is the taste for art, ye, man of vision                                                                                     
          But vision that perceives not the Reality, is useless.
The goal of art is the flame of immortal life
          Not this fleeting breath transitory like the spark.


A platform where I share my Oracle experiences and learning’s. It’s also to rumble about my feelings on various oracle related stuff.

Intellect reigns over all beings of clay and light
Nothing is beyond the reach of God-given mind
The entire world bows to its eternal glory
The heart alone challenges its sway at every step.“(Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal)

Intellect gives power, but this power can be utilized constructively for the good of humanity only if it is guided and controlled by Love. This Love is not a mere vague humanitarian sentiment. It is an active force which gives a quality to Individuality when it is pressed into the service of worthy ends.

I dedicate this website to MY LUCKY CHARM,Oracle Experiments, Interviews & Practices.

The complexities of database administration are often an ongoing challenge for DBA’s. While leveraging on the live practical practices, the site supports to take care of database administration tasks ranging from mundane work to specialized solutions like DataGaurd & RAC.

My website is a sincere & humble effort cum initiative for providing self help to students, professionals who really want to enhance their skills in Oracle Database, with special emphasis to the Administration part. The ultimate aim & motive behind this initiative has been the impediments, difficulties which I had faced when I ventured out to try my hands at Oracle DB Administration.

Though I could find loads of information available out on the www, yet didn’t find much of them handy as they didn’t give importance to the fact that many professionals in particular newbie’s require in particular point of time. They always look for detailed step by step explanation of each activity. It was challenging cum tedious process, which made me think to come up with a simple and straight forward articles which will serve as a kind of “do it yourself” guide for all those who want to venture out to the galaxy of Oracle DB Administration. The topics, strategies, articles or issue I discuss here are much self explanatory because of SCREEN SHOT ARSENAL, I mostly keep intact with to offer the tailored and best solutions.

My knowledge of current technologies particularly RAC database administration, DR Implementation coupled with my managerial skills make me an effective professional. Working with new technology and the challenge of resolving a difficult problem is what keeps me going.

My practical expertise & dedicated work with combination of aesthetic and user-friendly approach shall help all the professional to benefit at large from this site.
With the world becoming more competitive day by day, I stand by your side offering complete Step by step solutions that can help you seamlessly scale up your competencies.
The site offers maximum practical information and mostly does a fair presentation using snapshots of practical work.  I at strive and endeavor to give my best. I look forward to servicing your requirements both now and in the coming years.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome! Your feedback will help us serve you better.


www.ORACLE-CKPT.comDiscover whats possible.

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